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Getting Invisalign at Any Age

Since being introduced on the market, Invisalign has received mass appeal. Instead of having to feel embarrassed by showing off a mouth full of wires and metal brackets, more people can get the straight teeth they want with these nearly-invisible orthodontics.

Recent reviews of the demographics show that Invisalign has been opening doors for people in nearly every age range. Teenagers and young adults are still getting straight teeth, but with Invisalign, they are getting results without any ugly metal. Retired folks are also getting Invisalign which shows that it really is never too late to get better teeth and a more confident smile.

How Invisalign Works

clear teeth braces for teensPatients go to an Invisalign provider and get invisible teeth aligners that are custom made. Every few weeks a new tray is introduced to further the straightening process. The treatment can be used for more dental problems than just straightening teeth. Invisalign can help with overbites, cross bites, under bites, open bites, overcrowding, and gaps.

Patients do not have to undergo a learning curve when it comes to their dental care when wearing Invisalign. This is great for teenagers and it also makes life easier for other people who wear Invisalign. The trays are removable so brushing and flossing remain the same as before. It is not like traditional metal wire braces where special techniques for brushing and flossing must be learned to keep teeth from staining.

One major benefit is that the trays have a custom fit. There is no more discomfort when getting teeth straightened with Invisalign. These trays hug the teeth and fit them snugly, so they stay in place and will not affect your speech

Do They Work for Older Teeth?

Anyone who has healthy gums and permanent teeth can get the benefits that come with using Invisalign. For older patients, the only main concern is that of periodontal disease or other gum issues. Fixing the teeth and their alignment is beneficial because it helps improve gum and tooth health in older people.

It can help older people deal with gaps that trap bacteria and cause gum disease. It can also treat misalignments that are a major cause of painful jaws. A healthy mouth is important to anyone but especially to those who are older. Teeth and gums can retain their health with Invisalign.

Should They Be Considered Later in Life?

Patients over 50 are looking for more orthodontic treatments than ever. People are able to keep their natural teeth longer in life. They also do not want to have to opt for dentures until it is absolutely necessary. With advances in dentistry, they may be obsolete for some people. When patients have the money and the desire to have better teeth later in life, Invisalign is definitely worth considering.

As a person ages, good dental health equals good overall health. A healthier mouth and straighter teeth will make a person feel younger and more vibrant. As people age, slipping of teeth can contribute to a change in face shape. Get the straight and beautiful smile you deserve for your whole life through. Get Invisalign and you will enjoy a comfortable experience in fixing your smile.