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Invisalign For All Age

Since being introduced, Invisalign has appealed to many adults. Instead of having to be embarrassed by having a mouth full of metal brackets and wires, straight teeth are more accessible now to many more individuals. Social and work situations are no longer factors that influence orthodontic treatments.

Looking at recent demographic information on individuals who use Invisalign products demonstrates that it offers opportunities for individuals of every age. Instead of having braces only as a teenager or young adult, they can even be used by those who are going into their retirement years. It’s never too late to make improvements to your dental situation and becoming more confident with your smile.

Overall Process

Invisible aligners are custom made and produced out of the Invisalign provider’s office. You are given new trays every couple of weeks to continue with your progress. Many individuals don’t realize that the treatment is utilized for other dental problems other than straightening teeth, including:

– Overcrowded mouths
– Gaps
– Open bites
– Cross bites
– Underbites
– Overbites

Since you can remove the trays, basic dental care doesn’t require any learning curve. With traditional bracket and wire braces, special brushing and flossing methods are taught in order to prevent the tooth surface from staining after they have been removed. These issues are non-existent with Invisalign since the trays can be removed in order to floss and brush your teeth in the normal way.

clear aligners for adultsAnother benefit that Invisalign offers is that their trays are custom fit for your mouth. What that means is that they will fit more securely and tightly hug your teeth. Even when wearing your straighteners while out in public, nobody will notice them since your speech is not impaired.

Does Invisalign Work With Older Teeth?

For anybody who has permanent teeth and healthy gums, Invisalign is an excellent option. Periodontal diseases as well as other gum problems are the main concern with older patients. Invisalign is very beneficial for fixing overlaps or misalignment issues since these problems contribute to poor gum and tooth health. If the whole tooth cannot be properly cleaned and gaps at the gums trap bacteria, then it is only a matter time before gum disease develops. Misalignments may cause painful issues within the joints and jaws. It is important to have a healthy mouth no matter what your age is.

Why Invisalign Should Be Considered When You Are Older?

More patients over 50 years old are seeking out orthodontic treatments than in times past. As teeth are kept longer in life these days, dentures are no longer accepted as being a natural part of the aging process. With the desire and money for fixing them later on in life, there isn’t any reason to delay straightening your teeth any longer. However, some still wonder whether or not it is worth the effort and time to fix them late in life.

In addition to making your mouth healthier, people love having straight teeth since they make you feel and look younger. As people age, many experience sliding or slipping on their teeth, which can contribute to changing the shape of your face. Getting a beautiful, straight smile that you always wanted to have improves your overall appearance. It is easier to do this than ever before thanks to Invisalign.