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Don’t Neglect Your Smile Any Longer Because Adults Can Benefit From Receiving Ceramic Braces Too

On many occasions, adults feel as if their window of opportunity for obtaining a healthy smile has closed. Crooked teeth can cause a person pain, and they even leave them self-conscious about their look. There is not an age limit or cut-off date as to when people can have braces installed, so don’t neglect those… read more

Reasons To Consider Incognito Hidden Braces

Don’t let crooked teeth or crowding issues get you down. Instead of feeling blue, patients should consider discussing the many different straightening methods available to them with our team. These mouth issues can cause discomfort when trying to eat, and the task may even seem hopeless at times. Metal and ceramic braces are tried-and-true options… read more

Add Colored Elastics To Your Metal Braces To Give Them A Unique Appearance

Metal braces utilize brackets and archwires to straighten crooked teeth. They have been around for years, but today, they are more comfortable than ever before. People often have the image of school-aged children wearing metal braces, but adults can also find the tooth straightening method to be beneficial. While they may not be inconspicuous like… read more

Turn That Less Than Perfect Smile Fab With Invisalign

People tend to cringe when they think about braces. Wearing metal brackets and wires does not do much for self-esteem, even though the devices result in a straight, attractive smile. Many patients with metal braces avoid smiling, and they also attempt to cover their mouth before talking. It is not uncommon to see wearers positioning… read more

There May Still Be More Braces After Your Braces

For both adults and children, there’s no fun way to have a thorough dental examination and then be told that braces may be necessary in order to straighten out will be a lifelong problem without treatment. There have been a lot of advances over the years in both dental surgical techniques, as well as braces… read more

How To Drink During Your Invisalign Treatment

For many people, one of the chief advantages of wearing Invisalign braces is, as the name implies, the trans-parency of the braces themselves. For something that may have to be worn in the mouth for a year or more, the idea that most people won’t even notice the presence of braces without focused scrutiny is… read more

Invisalign Means Being Careful With Lipstick

One of the big attractions of wearing Invisalign braces rather than metal braces is how unobtrusive they can be. Traditional metal braces, of course, are bands of metal wrapped around the teeth, so not only is a person forced to wear them at all hours of the day, changing dietary habits, they immediately draw attention… read more

Sometimes Your Braces Need Help

Every person is going to have unique needs when it comes to realigning teeth for a straighter, healthier smile and overall improved oral health. Some people will be diagnosed with a pretty straightforward Invisalign pro-gram. Others may have different requirements due to incidental issues, such as an existing case of gum dis-ease that needs to… read more

The Power Of A Teenager’s Smile

The struggles that teenagers face while trying to find their place in the world will build them into the adults that they are going to become. As they conquer obstacles and meet challenges, they become better suited to adapt to the world of adulthood. One of the biggest things that can hinder their productive growth… read more

Why Invisalign Braces Are Becoming The Norm

For decades, there was really only one option for those who had crooked teeth – braces. But those metal braces came with plenty of issues including discomfort, obvious appearance issues, and even problems eating what you wanted to. Invisalign braces have changed that, and today they’re being used more and more as people begin to… read more