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Orthodontic Headgear Is Ugly, But Necessary

For the average self-conscious child, braces are bad enough. That’s why modern orthodontics offer less visible alternatives like ceramic braces, Invisalign appliances, and lingual braces that go on the inside of your teeth. But sometimes a child’s jaw needs more help than what braces can offer. Sometimes an underbite or overbite is so serious that… read more

Metal Braces Are An Ideal Solution For Straightening Crooked Teeth

While many people throughout our great nation are turning to Invisalign and ceramic braces for their tooth straightening needs, it is important to remember that not everyone is a candidate for the methods. Children and younger teens may not be prepared to deal with the additional oral hygiene requirements of the ceramics or keeping up… read more

What Makes Self-Ligating Braces Different?

The part of braces that connects the wire to the brackets on your teeth is called the ligature. That’s also the word doctors use for stitches, since “ligature” means “a tight binding.” Normally, the ligature for braces is a rubber band that holds the wire tight on your teeth, but self-ligating braces do things a… read more

Common Misunderstandings About Braces

Upon greeting someone else, a person’s gaze quickly goes from the eyes to the mouth or vice versa. It is an unfortunate happening because people have far more qualities than just their outer appearance. These types of acts can cause even the most outgoing personality to become timid and shy. Rather than hanging out with… read more

3D Printing Is No Solution To Teeth Alignment

About a year and a half ago, a college student made a splash by creating a set of what were essentially homemade Invisalign braces. He did this by carefully researching the topic, using the actual dental equipment he ordered straight from the medical suppliers, taking a mold of his teeth using the same putty as… read more

Dental Braces Are Older Than You Think

People sometimes imagine that some of the things we treat with modern medicine only became “problems” once we had the expensive techniques needed to fix them. But for the vast majority of medical problems, that’s simply not the case. Most of them we knew were problems right away, but we’ve only recently come up with… read more

The Many Benefits Available To Teens Wearing Invisalign

People choose not to smile for a variety of different reasons. Crooked teeth leave people feeling unsure and self-conscious about their appearance. Lips snap shut as phones come out to take selfies and pictures. Teens have plenty of stuff going on in their lives, and a less than stellar smile only adds to the stress…. read more

It Can’t Hurt To Inspect Your Child’s Smile

Straight teeth offer more than just a perfect smile. They’re also healthy because crooked teeth have a harder time biting and chewing and they can slowly end up pushing together. This causes the enamel to wear down as the teeth grind together, causing some consistent pain and eventually leading to cavities and infection. Aside from… read more

Treat Yourself To Ceramic Braces This Year As The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Going to any doctor or dentist is not necessarily a favorite pastime of anyone. Usually, we head to these places under painful or uncomfortable circumstances. Toothaches and illnesses offer a host of different symptoms, some more severe than others, but regardless, they are all unpleasant. However, think out-of-the-box this holiday season to treat yourself or… read more

Incognito Hidden Braces Are An Ideal Aesthetic Alternative To Traditional Teeth Straightening Devices

As many people get older, and their teen years have come and gone, they often feel as if their window of opportunity for achieving straight teeth has closed. There is not an age limit on obtaining good oral health, and a variety of different methods are utilized to complete the feat. Stainless steel braces are… read more