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Halloween Candy And Other Sticky Holiday Foods Are Tasty Reasons Why You Should Choose Invisalign

Not all teeth straightening methods provide convenience to the wearer’s life. Each treatment technique has its own set of pros and cons, but they all efficiently straighten teeth. Traditional metal braces are of resilient and robust materials to withstand chewing motions or biting into hard foods. Of course, along with this option, comes the stainless… read more

You Need To Take Care Of Your Ceramic Braces

Usually, the choice to have ceramic braces applied instead of metal ones is a choice of aesthetics. Ceramic braces tend to be less conspicuous than the metal alternative, and thus don’t affect the appearance of the per-son as much. However, in order to keep providing these benefits, a bit of extra care is required for… read more

Braces Aren’t Just For Kids

The image most people have of braces is smiling children with metallic grins, or awkward teenagers trying not to open their mouth. But while the childhood and adolescent years are a good time for braces in order to enjoy an adult life with a pleasing smile, that doesn’t mean there’s a “statute of limitations” on… read more

Your Options For Braces

These days, you may find that a dentist is recommending the use of braces for either your child or even your-self! But there’s one thing that everyone needs to understand once the professional recommendation for braces is made. This is not going to be an overnight, “quick fix” solution, but rather something that may take… read more

Turn That Frown In The Mirror Upside Down By Utilizing Invisalign To Straighten Teeth

Something happens to a person’s confidence and self-esteem when they look into the mirror and don’t recognize the reflection staring back at them anymore. As a society, one would think that we would be past what is on the outside by now, but still today, an individual’s smile plays a role in the first impression… read more

Why Do People Get Braces?

There’s no question that you should only consider getting braces once a qualified dental professional has conducted a check up and made a recommendation. But while we rely on these experts to tell us when we or our children require braces, there can be many different reasons why braces are required. There isn’t just one… read more

Things To Expect In The First Few Days After Receiving Braces

Every mouth, tooth, and patient is unique and different. Therefore, not all clients will have the same experience when it comes to wearing braces. However, there are certain things that people who are obtaining metal, or ceramic braces, should expect after the procedure. Prevent mild sensitivity or other common symptoms from sending you into panic… read more

Reasons Parents Should Consider Invisalign Teen For Their Student-Athlete

High school and sports tend to go hand in hand, which is not a bad thing as it teaches teamwork, leadership skills, and various other components that are beneficial for success in life. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that these young athletes wear the proper safety equipment, and for wearers of… read more

Straight Equals Healthy, When It Comes To Teeth, And Ceramic Braces Can Help You Achieve The Feat

One common reason for people not wanting to repair crooked teeth is just because of the way that traditional metal braces make them look. For many professionals, a slightly misaligned bite does not justify the use of somewhat unappealing stainless steel braces to correct the problem. Wearers of braces have been the unfortunate recipients of… read more

4 Appliances You Might Get From An Orthodontist

Orthodontics is all about making sure your teeth align properly so you get a healthy, beautiful smile. So while dentistry involves cleaning your teeth and filling cavities, orthodontics uses various appliances that attach to or around your teeth and then come off once your teeth meet correctly. Braces are the first things that come to… read more