3 Reasons Your Dentist Suggests Braces

The number one way patients come to an orthodontists office is through suggestion by their dentist. After all, this person has probably been looking in your mouth for years now and knows what they are talking about. Some patients that come to us are surprised but the suggestion, especially adults that maybe thought thy were in the clear as far as ever needing braces went. Even if it may not be obvious to you, there are more than a few reasons your dentist could recommend braces at any age.

1. Teeth Spacing

As we get older our teeth grow in and shift or don’t grow in. One of the reasons a dentist might suggest braces is the spacing between your teeth. If the spacing of your teeth is out of whack, this is what leads to gaps in your teeth line. Braces can correct these spacing issues. If left untreated the spacing can lead to uncomfortable eating, jaw problems and create a situation where the loosening of teeth is much more common. Some spacing issues are not in need of treatment but that is why your dentist will help you determine that.

2. Teeth Crowding

On the opposite end of the spectrum braces become necessary when your teeth are too close together and begin to crowd one another. This leads to shifting of the teeth, turning sideways or moving forward or backward in order to make themselves fit in there. Maintenance of oral hygiene is the concern dentists have with severe crowding. It becomes very difficult to continue to clean your teeth properly when teeth have shifted over and around each other.

3. Jaw Alignment And Bite

The final reason your dentist may see braces as a fit choice for your mouth is the presence of a misaligned jaw or a bite that has become unbalanced. In both cases your teeth are not lining up with one another the way your body was designed for them to do. This can cause pain and deterioration in the bones of the jaw. The braces will re-align your bite as to balance the ware on your teeth and relieve pressure on misaligned bones in your jaw.

We are not assuming you are questioning your dentists suggestions but if you needed an explanation these are the most common reasons you may be on the path to braces and a straighter smile.