4 Reasons Why You Should Get Crooked Teeth Straightened

For many patients the benefits of getting crooked teeth straightened is obvious: a much nicer and better looking smile. While that’s definitely nothing to sneeze at, there are actually several really good reasons to start the dental care process to straighten your crooked teeth starting today.

#1: Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

Crooked teeth are hard to floss around, and sometimes even impossible to give the same level of care as straight teeth. When there are teeth that overlap there are more places for cavities to take root – which is never a good thing. Over time everyone with have wear and tear on the teeth, but crooked teeth tend to wear more quickly and experience more damage than straight teeth. There’s no doubt about it. Not only do straight teeth look better, but they are healthier, too!

#2: Proper Jaw Alignment Matters

Whether it’s speaking without your jaw locking up when talking and singing a lot, or even chewing at times. Anyone who has suffered from TMD or TMJ knows how painful these conditions can be. When the teeth are straight and in the right place there are going to be fewer issues to deal with. From speaking easier to chewing better, proper jaw alignment matters and that is only possible with straight teeth. Most patients underestimate just how much of a difference even small alignment changes back into place can make.

#3: Protects Your Teeth

Teeth that are crooked are more likely to have cavities, more likely to get damaged or fractured, and mouths with crooked teeth tend to be much more susceptible to gum disease and plaque. Whether the damage is from long-term issues or from a jarring fall or impact, straightening out crooked teeth is one of the best things you can do to protect them. Anyone who has needed emergency surgery to fix a tooth or who needed one replaced outright can tell you: it would have been better to avoid that altogether!

#4: Good for Your Heart Health

There have been multiple health studies released in recent years showing a correlation between dental health and heart health. There seems to be a definite connection between poor oral health and poor heart health. People with a lot of dental issues tend to have more heart issues and tend to die younger than people who go into old age with really healthy teeth. Why take the chance? If getting a better smile that boosts your confidence also boosts your heart and helps you live longer, that’s a great deal all around!

As you can see these are four great reasons to get your crooked teeth straightened and they only begin to scratch the surface of all the great reasons to look at getting those crooked teeth fixed today!

If this is something you want to do then call Hidden Smile Orthodontics today and find out about how easy it is to get the smile you’ve always wanted.