5 Advantages Of Using Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Straight teeth aren’t just cosmetically beautiful teeth, they’re also healthy teeth, and Invisalign has taken a whole new approach to creating healthy straight smiles. Invisalign works by using trays worn for around 20 hours at a time, taken out only to eat and practice oral hygiene, which shifts the teeth gradually into their rightful place in the mouth. 5 advantages of using Invisalign over traditional braces are:

1. Freedom in food – Traditional braces will often limit a wearer’s consumption of chewy foods, hard foods, and sticky foods, as these can damage braces or the tooth’s surface underneath. Invisalign trays, however, can be removed at will while a wearer eats, so their food intake is not limited to certain textures only. If a wearer wishes to have a caramel apple, for instance, they can remove their Invisalign tray, enjoy their treat, brush and floss, then simply replace the tray until their next meal or snack.

2. Increased comfort – Traditional braces are known to be somewhat uncomfortable, causing mouth sores and general oral discomfort due to the rough or bulky nature of the braces cemented on the surface of the teeth. Invisalign is made from smooth and soft plastic custom made to fit a wearer’s individual teeth, creating a more comfortable experience.

3. Better oral health – Because Invisalign trays are able to be removed, practicing good oral hygiene is made much simpler. Rather than using special toothbrushes or careful flossing techniques to remove plaque and debris from the teeth, the braces, and all the nooks and crannies in between, simply remove the tray you’re wearing and care for teeth as usual. When brushing and flossing is complete, simply place the tray back in.

4. Tooth safety – Traditional metal braces can scratch the lips, tongue, gums, and even the surface of the teeth, leaving the tooth’s structure at risk for damage. Invisalign trays use a gentler force to shift teeth into place, and use smooth materials that won’t scratch or damage the tooth’s enamel surface.

5. Shorter treatment – Braces of the conventional sort will often need to be worn for years in order to shift teeth into a straight position effectively. In some cases, one may need to have their braces for up to 5 years to achieve maximum efficacy. In most cases, Invisalign only needs to be worn for around a year to a year and a half to reach the straight smile you want.