5 Flossing Tips For Great Oral Care With Ceramic Braces

Those with ceramic braces still need to take ample care of their oral health, and this means learning to floss while your braces are on. With how braces are worn, it can seem really difficult or strange learning how to floss in spite of the braces, but a few tips can help you to better floss, and therefore better care for your oral health. 5 flossing tips for great oral care with ceramic braces are:

1. Make use of different flosses – Different flosses can help you to best get all plaque and debris in different situations, and when you have your ceramic braces, you should make full use of all the different floss options that are out there. Very thin gauged floss is perfect for those tight spaces between teeth in the process of being straightened, and heavier floss for people with braces is perfect for everyday use.

2. Make use of floss alternatives – Floss alternatives like water floss, floss picks, and certain electric toothbrushes can help you to get into all those little nooks and crannies around your braces that traditional flosses may miss. Water flossing in particular can help to stimulate the gums and remove debris without irritation if your gums or mouth is sore.

3. Take your time – Every tooth, every space, and every nook will need some individual attention when flossing with braces. If you floss after every meal, this will take less time than if you floss just one or two times per day. Make sure to give each tooth and its space the attention and care it deserves.

4. Flossing between the wires gently – Flossing between the wires of your braces can be a challenge, especially at first. Using a floss threader can help you to get into these in between spaces without risking damage or accidental adjustment to your braces.

5. Brush first – Brushing first before flossing can help you to eliminate much of the plaque and bacteria on the teeth with a toothbrush before going in with floss. This can save you time and also better help you to see any debris you will need the floss to remove.

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