5 Ways To Stop Your Ceramic Braces From Staining

Ceramic braces are a great alternative to traditional metal braces for those who want a perfectly straight smile. What sets ceramic braces apart from metal braces are often tooth-colored wiring and clear brackets to make the look of your braces much less noticeable. Because the braces are clear or tooth colored, staining can occur throughout the life of your ceramic braces, but it certainly doesn’t have to. 5 ways to stop your ceramic braces from staining are:

1. Brush after every meal – The most important thing you can do for your ceramic braces, and for your overall oral health, is to make sure to brush after every meal you eat. Whether it’s a simple snack, or a 4 course dinner, allowing food particles to rest on your braces and your teeth is a well-known cause of staining. This washes off the food particles or colored sauces, and keeps them from sinking in to the color of your ceramic braces.

2. Make use of rinse – Mouthwashes and oral rinses can also help greatly in stopping staining on your ceramic braces. What mouth rinse is able to do is clear off food particles and stains not yet set in those places that are hard to reach, and you’re like to miss when brushing after you eat.

3. Avoid staining foods – Unfortunately, the frequent consumption of some foods stands up to both brushing and rinsing, and will cause stains on your ceramic braces regardless of how well you care for your teeth. These foods should be minimized or cut altogether if you wish to keep your ceramic braces as white as possible, and they include coffee, soda, tomato sauces, mustard, and wild berries.

4. Avoid whitening toothpaste – It may seem like whitening toothpaste is the way to go if you want to keep your ceramic braces bright and beautiful, but ordinary toothpastes are actually better. While your teeth and braces may be white while you have them on, the toothpaste will leave spots on the teeth where the brackets were placed, leaving you with pesky darker stains when your braces are removed.

5. Visit your orthodontist frequently – When you visit your orthodontist, you’ll have your ligatures replaced, which is typically the first part of your braces to experience discoloration. These frequent visits will also keep you up to date on your oral hygiene and what you can be doing better to keep your ceramic braces healthy and clean.