A Clean Invisalign Liner Equals A Healthy Mouth

An excellent alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign liners straighten while still allowing for optimal comfort. They are transparent and virtually undetectable, while being worn, so you can improve your smile without feeling self-conscious about your looks. Eat what you want, when you want it, without having to worry about so many factors like broken brackets or rubber bands that are a nuisance for conventional metal braces wearers.

Advanced 3-D imaging technology captures detailed information about your mouth, and it is used to create the ideal final resting place of your teeth. Carefully, professionally, and uniquely designed for your mouth, Invisalign liners are then custom-made to fit. Various amounts of liners are made, depending on your specific needs, and worn at two-week intervals.

Tips For A Healthy And Clean Mouth While Wearing Invisalign Liners

Easily removable, Invisalign alignment liners can be taken out for healthy oral hygiene routines. Just remove your liner, brush, floss, and rinse your mouth, then after cleansing your liner as well, place it back into position. There are various solutions, rinsing agents, and other products available for cleaning the Invisalign liners, but using toothpaste does more harm than good.

Abrasives found in these products can leave unsightly blemishes, which scratch gums and cheeks, leaving sores or irritated gums in their wake. Dish washing liquid and water can make a formidable alternative but always treat your liner as recommended by your dentist to achieve the best possible results.

The manufacturer also offers the Invisalign Cleaning System that eliminates odors and removes plaque. It is time-friendly, as the specially formulated cleaning crystals remove plaque in as little as 15 minutes. Discuss the benefits of using this, or another system, with your Invisalign provider to hear their recommendations.

A regular soft-bristled toothbrush can aid in keeping your liner clean. Just as with your teeth, tongue, and gums, it is equally as important to brush your Invisalign liners. Harmful bacteria, food particles, and other items that may become stuck to the liner can cause irritation, uncomfortable sensations, and affect your overall health. Remove these threats by practicing good oral hygiene.

These are not the braces that your mom and dad remember. The tightening and adjustments made on metal braces are painful, and they can leave your mouth sore for a few days. One other notable aspect is that hair and skin do not get pulled out pinched with the Invisalign liners. Discuss them, as well as other dental-related questions, with your dentist to see which options are best for you.