Are Ceramic Braces Right For You?

Ceramic braces have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and today patients can often choose between traditional metal braces or the ceramic options that may be available. Ceramic braces are just what they sound like, though some modern options may even be plastic. They’ll blend in better with your natural teeth and be less noticeable while still providing the teeth-straightening results that your dental professional suggests for your smile.

But are they right for you? Taking a closer look at a few things can help you see whether or not ceramic braces are a good choice for your life.


How Crooked Are Your Teeth?


Ceramic braces can’t provide quite as much pressure as traditional metal braces. For some who have serious teeth alignment and spacing issues, you may have to begin with traditional braces and then move to ceramic options. However, this is changing and modern ceramic braces are beginning to be used in more significant situations.


How Much Do You Care About Your Appearance?


Specifically, how much do you care about how noticeable the braces you have are? Traditional metal braces stand out, and are hard not to see. Ceramic braces can be white, clear, or even colored to match your teeth. Most people will only notice that you’re wearing them if they’re up close and really paying attention.


Is Your Mouth Sensitive?


Some patients have complained about ceramic braces irritating their inner lips. However, many more report that the metal from traditional braces chaffs and wounds their mouth as well. Talking to your dentist about this can help you see which option is the best for you in this regard.


What About The Price?


Price is what most people want to know, and the truth is that in most instances ceramic braces may cost a bit more than traditional ones. However, it’s important to remember that the cost gets you numerous benefits and that today’s insurance policies often cover some or even all of the cost.

Simply put, ceramic braces are a very valid option for almost anyone who needs braces. Talking to your dental professional will help you determine which is right for you – but there’s a good chance that ceramic braces will be a perfect fit.