Braces Aren’t Just For Kids

The image most people have of braces is smiling children with metallic grins, or awkward teenagers trying not to open their mouth. But while the childhood and adolescent years are a good time for braces in order to enjoy an adult life with a pleasing smile, that doesn’t mean there’s a “statute of limitations” on when people can get braces. In fact, for many adults, braces are a way to enjoy life with even more confidence.

Fighting Aging

While ceramic or Invisalign braces are commonly thought of as ways to straighten crooked teeth, they can do more than that. Even if you experience no discomfort when you chew food and don’t suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, braces can still help you. “Facial collapse” is a term used to refer to the way the face’s shape can change over the years as the result of the arrangement of teeth.

Conditions such as underbite and overbite can affect the overall appearance. Chins can appear to “shrink,” or stick out and the same can happen to the nose. The shape of the face can even change, looking smaller and rounder, and less angular than it did in youth. These are all the effects of constant force being applied to the mouth over years, and the aging process accelerates this.

With a visit to a dentist for a proper evaluation, the use of ceramic braces or other dental techniques can help to restore the shape of the mouth and jaw and have a subtle but very profound effect on a person’s appearance. If you want to “get some years back” and not feel like your face is aging faster than your friends, talk to a dentist to see whether your teeth and are part of the problem. You just might find ceramic or Invisalign braces are a solution.