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Category Archives: Lingual Braces

Add Colored Elastics To Your Metal Braces To Give Them A Unique Appearance

Metal braces utilize brackets and archwires to straighten crooked teeth. They have been around for years, but today, they are more comfortable than ever before. People often have the image of school-aged children wearing metal braces, but adults can also find the tooth straightening method to be beneficial. While they may not be inconspicuous like… read more

Metal Braces Are An Ideal Solution For Straightening Crooked Teeth

While many people throughout our great nation are turning to Invisalign and ceramic braces for their tooth straightening needs, it is important to remember that not everyone is a candidate for the methods. Children and younger teens may not be prepared to deal with the additional oral hygiene requirements of the ceramics or keeping up… read more

What Makes Self-Ligating Braces Different?

The part of braces that connects the wire to the brackets on your teeth is called the ligature. That’s also the word doctors use for stitches, since “ligature” means “a tight binding.” Normally, the ligature for braces is a rubber band that holds the wire tight on your teeth, but self-ligating braces do things a… read more

Common Misunderstandings About Braces

Upon greeting someone else, a person’s gaze quickly goes from the eyes to the mouth or vice versa. It is an unfortunate happening because people have far more qualities than just their outer appearance. These types of acts can cause even the most outgoing personality to become timid and shy. Rather than hanging out with… read more

Incognito Hidden Braces Are An Ideal Aesthetic Alternative To Traditional Teeth Straightening Devices

As many people get older, and their teen years have come and gone, they often feel as if their window of opportunity for achieving straight teeth has closed. There is not an age limit on obtaining good oral health, and a variety of different methods are utilized to complete the feat. Stainless steel braces are… read more

The Many Advantages To Teens Straightening Teeth With Incognito Hidden Braces

Parents of teens are likely old enough to remember the name calling and teasing associated with traditional metal braces from their school days. These dental devices straighten teeth and attribute to one achieving a better overall way of life, but still, children will be children, and taunting is an unfortunate side-effect of life that takes… read more

Ceramic Braces Are More Than Just Pretty Accessories

Metal and ceramic braces are both valid choices for straightening one’s teeth, but ceramics are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. It is a toss-up between your eyes, and your teeth, as to which one an acquaintance notices first, but the clear material allows you to feel less self-conscious about showing off those pearly whites.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Metal Braces?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to straighten your teeth without using braces. Invisalign offers a great alternative to braces and should be considered the primary method of straightening your teeth if your oral profile allows it. Invisalign Is More Comfortable Using Invisalign to straighten your teeth involves wearing thermoplastic aligners that are virtually… read more

Things Not To Do While Wearing Metal Braces

Thanks to advancements in the dental industry, the tried and true method of metal braces have become more comfortable and reliable than ever. They have gotten a bad wrap over the years but made of stainless-steel, this option is sleek and does not rust or deteriorate. Bright and vivid colored bands remove the emphasis that… read more

Ceramic Braces V. Metal Braces

Your orthodontist has finally told you what you’ve been dreading – you are going to need braces to protect the future of your teeth. Before you become alarmed, know that not all braces are created equal. There are big differences between ceramic braces and metal braces. Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces,… read more