Ceramic Braces Are More Than Just Pretty Accessories

Metal and ceramic braces are both valid choices for straightening one’s teeth, but ceramics are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. It is a toss-up between your eyes, and your teeth, as to which one an acquaintance notices first, but the clear material allows you to feel less self-conscious about showing off those pearly whites.

Equally As Productive But Slightly More Brittle

Metal braces are strong, durable, and a long-lasting option that has been thoroughly tested, and perfected, over the years, however, they are also clunky and bulky in your mouth. It is notable to mention that the ceramic braces are larger than the metal option, and they will require more attention to detail with your oral hygiene routine.

Although they are bigger than traditional metal braces, the wiring color blends in with tooth enamel to make them more visually appealing. However, bigger does not always mean stronger. The ceramic braces have parts that are considered brittle, so they are not useful in all applications. Often, front teeth will have these, while other methods are applied to back and bottom teeth.

Tobacco products, beverages, and certain foods leave behind sticky residues that can stain the ties, wires, and bands, which will result in the discoloration of your tooth enamel if left unchecked for an extended amount of time. Commonly, the bands have to be adjusted every month or so, and a thorough cleaning at this stage eliminates the chances of stains setting in.

Treat Moderate To Severe Alignment Problems With Ceramic Braces

Due to the comparisons that they have with metal braces, finding an orthodontist that can correctly install, adjust, and maintain these ceramics is a cinch when compared to other styles like Lingual braces. Crooked, slanted, or misaligned teeth often result in bone and gum loss, or deterioration, later on in life. Kids and teens are not the only people that can benefit from having their teeth straightened. Achieving a straighter smile, with a correct alignment, is equally as important to adults.

Talk to your orthodontist about the different options of braces that are available to you. Metal, ceramic, Incognito, and Invisalign each do a spectacular job of the task at hand, which is giving you a gorgeous smile that you deserve. Allow your smile to lead the way in providing you with a better quality of life.