Ceramic Braces V. Metal Braces

Your orthodontist has finally told you what you’ve been dreading – you are going to need braces to protect the future of your teeth. Before you become alarmed, know that not all braces are created equal. There are big differences between ceramic braces and metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, as they are the same size and shape. However, their brackets are clear or cream-colored to match the color of your tooth. As a result, the brackets blend in easier with your teeth, making them less noticeable upon first glance. Your orthodontist may even offer tooth-colored wires, making them even more inconspicuous. Ceramic braces are best for adults who do not wish to have the embarrassment or awkwardness that may come with full metal braces.

If you are concerned about your appearance while wearing braces, know that ceramic braces will likely provide faster results than Invisalign. You may need to put more work into maintaining ceramic braces, however. The brackets may easily stain on your ceramic braces, which means there is greater care required to maintain their original appearance. Ceramic braces have come a long way, though. They used to be made of plastic, which stained easily because it is porous in nature. Today’s ceramic braces are more stain-resistant than ever before.

Many patients also say that ceramic braces are not very painful because they do not irritate their gums. Although ceramic braces are very durable, they are not recommended for patients who need extensive oral treatment. They cannot withstand as much pressure as metal brackets can. For the average patient, this is a non-issue.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are what most people wear, especially in their youth. They are a bit cheaper than ceramic braces and are typically the most cost-effective option available. However, they are significantly more noticeable that ceramic braces, although today’s metal braces are not nearly as noticeable as they once were.

If your child needs braces, metal braces allow for customization. Colored bands are available for metal braces, meaning your child can choose whatever color they want, making braces seem fun. Metal braces are the most durable option when it comes to straightening your teeth, so they are best for children.