Consider Invisalign Braces, Instead Of DIY Teeth Straightening Techniques, That May Damage Your Mouth

For years, and years, dentists have heard the horror stories of patients attempting to correct their crooked teeth themselves. What is a do-it-yourself straightening technique? Well, these efforts have included biting on pencils, applying rubber bands to the teeth, and much more. Results on any search engine will give you thousands, or possibly more, videos to choose from, which show DIY dental care. Of course, these methods are not approved to use, nor are all of the people giving the advice online, licensed, so be wary of the practices to prevent causing yourself harm, and expensive repairs.

Irreparable Damage Can Be Done

Orthodontists put an entire plan in place, which revolves around your unique mouth. No precise method works for every person, due to jaw structures and tooth positioning, so even if the technique utilized, accomplished the task for someone else, there is no guarantee that it will do the same for you. Using rubber bands, or other alternative teeth straightening practice, can cause loose teeth, gum diseases, and have various other implications to your health. The soft tissue of your gums can become infected, or inflamed, which leads to bleeding and painful sores. Before placing a foreign object in your mouth, think about the lasting consequences that it can have on your way of life.

Invisalign And Other Braces Are Designed To Prevent, The Very Things, That DIY Methods May Create

Invisalign braces are becoming one of the most talked about, and utilized methods, for correcting bite alignments. Patients appreciate having the ability to remove the specialized liners quickly to eat, drink, talk, and more. Metal and ceramic braces are also effective at straightening teeth and promoting better mouth health, but they are not as convenient as the Invisalign system. They are virtually transparent, so you can wear them without feeling self-conscious, or without the liners drawing attention from onlookers.

The bottom line is that DIY techniques should not be used to straighten your teeth. If too much damage occurs, extractions, implants, dentures, bridges, graphs, and more may be required to get your mouth functioning properly again. Avoid the headaches, misery, and pain by consulting with your dentist for the proper ways to fix your smile.