Choose Invisalign Braces For Correction Of Crooked Or Crowded Teeth

A perfect smile is essential for complementing your outward look. However, the various defects associated with teeth may hinder that smile. Luckily, defects such as crooked or crowded teeth can be corrected using the various orthodontic procedures to restore your smile.

By fitting Invisalign invisible braces, Dr. Mita Parikh at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics can help bring back your smile and confidence as well.

Dr. Parikh starts the process by conducting a scan of your teeth using computerized imaging technology. This produces a step by step treatment plan which you can actually see…so you will know what your smile will look like before you even receive your aligners.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces have been used over the years for correcting crooked teeth in teens and adults. Here’s why we deem Invisalign invisible braces the perfect solution for crooked and crowded teeth:

Invisalign invisible braces uphold your appearance, unlike other methods of correcting crooked teeth. These clear braces are hardly noticeable and are attractive compared to other braces.

Comfort and Convenience
Hidden Smiles offers custom made Invisalign invisible braces for your comfort. They are removable and help align your teeth into position over a short time. Invisalign invisible braces, therefore, make brushing and flossing easy. Their smooth edges also contribute to your comfort, not to forget that you can remove them when eating, drinking or even playing a sport.

The Invisalign invisible braces, recommend for correcting crooked teeth, are safer than metal braces. The metal bits used in such braces may puncture or scratch the gums and the inside of the mouth. Invisible braces are safe since they don’t have any sharp edges, which also adds to your comfort.

Invisalign invisible braces are perfect for aligning crooked or crowded teeth. By offering custom invisible braces, Hidden Smiles can help to restore your smile while maintaining safety and comfort.