Dental Care Tips For The Road

With the holidays coming up real soon, many families are hopping in the car for a long trip to see their loved ones this season. As wonderful as it is to see your family members again, the trip can really do a number on your teeth.

In order to keep your smile shining for the holidays, we have a few dental tips you will want to have handy this year.

1. Eat healthy snacks

Sugary treats should be limited anyway, but this is especially true when you are traveling. Not only will sugar make the kids way too bouncy for the car ride, but it won’t do their teeth any favors either. Instead of grabbing sugary snacks for the road, try choosing healthier treats like baby carrots, apple slices, nuts, and raisins.

2. Potty breaks equal brushing breaks

In order for you to make good dental care easier during your travels, you will want to make sure you have a few travel toothbrushes handy and use them during all of your ‘potty breaks’. All you need to do is to take your travel dental kit with you to bathrooms and then get in a quick brushing, flossing, and rinsing in.

3. Bring sugar free gum

Sugar free gum will not only give your kids something to do with their mouths, but it will have the sweet taste they will love without the sugar rush. Not to mention it can help you get over a sweet tooth while you are on the road. However, it is important to note that very young children should not be given gum as they could choke on it.

4. Drink plenty of water

You may want to take advantage of juice boxes during your trip, but we would recommend you avoid that urge as much as possible. As healthy as juice is for the body, it can do a lot of damage to teeth that can’t be brushed very often. Instead carry plenty of water bottles in your car to hand around and ensure everyone stays well hydrated throughout the ride. Additionally, water will help loosen any extra food debris that might be stuck between your teeth.

Don’t forget to schedule a dental appointment with us before the holidays!

Whether you have ended up with a cavity over the holiday season or you are interested in straightening your teeth, we at Hidden Smiles are ready to help you love your smile again.

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