Discreet Braces For Adults

Imagine having metal braces and not being able to smile because it makes you uncomfortable. This is a problem that has garnered criticism over the years because it happens to people of all ages. While traditional braces are wonderful and offer a tremendous set of advantages, they’re also designed to stand out due to their metallic color.

Instead, adults looking to straighten their teeth want something that’s discreet and unassuming. As a result, many are rushing towards Invisalign and its transparent look.

Here are some of the reasons Invisalign braces have become the ultimate option for adults…

1) Clear Finish

Let’s begin with the beautiful finish of the aligner…

Invisalign is perfect for a number of reasons but there’s nothing bigger than the finishing. It is a clear aligner that settles onto the teeth and secures them into place. With appropriate adjustments on a bi-weekly basis, the orthodontist is able to manipulate how the teeth are shaped. This ensures a patient is able to get the smile of their dreams without having to face the embarrassment of metal hanging out of their mouth. A lot of people shy away from braces because of this reason!

To understand how clear the aligner is, you can stand in front of a person with Invisalign and not even notice its presence. Whether the person is speaking, eating, or drinking, the aligner is going to stay in place without posing a problem. This is ideal for anyone that wants to maintain their confidence and not have to think about how the aligner looks to the other person.

This is important for adults spending time at work.

2) Easy Adjustments

Along with having a transparent finish, Invisalign braces are also designed to provide easier adjustments. This means a patient is able to come in every two weeks or so for adjustments without needing to elongate the process. Everything is going to be done within the established timeline and that’s what makes it straightforward. Most people are able to have the aligner off within 6 months.

As a result, most patients aren’t going to worry about the new addition to their mouth. After all, It will be gone within a few months!

3) Quick

Along with being discreet, Invisalign is also quick to deliver results. This means a person should have their teeth in good shape within 6-12 months based on their condition. This is useful when it comes to getting done with the new adjustment over a short period. Traditional braces don’t offer this sort of flexibility because it takes years to achieve positive results.

Patients are always recommended to speak with a qualified orthodontist before determining whether this is a good option or not. Each case is going to differ and these details can only be determined after a comprehensive diagnosis.

If you are interested in signing up for Invisalign, please take the opportunity to book an appointment with Hidden Smiles Orthodontics in Huntington, Long Island as soon as you can. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your smile in a discreet and easy-going manner.