Don’t Forget To Clean Your Tongue

Inside your mouth, there are a few main components. Your tongue is one of them, and it very important to you. Without your tongue, you couldn’t do things like talk, swallow, taste your food, and more. Not only is it important to clean your teeth, but it is also important to be sure that you are taking good care of your tongue too.


Did you know that 50% of the bacteria that lives in your mouth is actually on your tongue? Eww. If you don’t clean your tongue, the bacteria will just transfer back to your teeth, making the brushing that you already did useless. Bacteria collects in your mouth after every meal, sticking to the mucous layer on your tongue. The longer you let it sit there, the more the bacteria multiply and grow.

Bad Breath

Having bacteria on your tongue can really cause your mouth to stink. 90% of bad breath comes from having a dirty tongue. Most people go through expensive mouthwashes and other fixes to try and cure their stinky breath, when in reality, all they have to do is clean their tongue. Having the right tools and knowing what to do makes for an easy fix to the problem.

The Right Tools

So what are the right tools? There are some gadgets out there on the market today that are meant to help with cleaning your tongue.

  • Tongue Scraper– A tongue scraper is usually made out of plastic or metal and can be found in the same isle as the toothbrushes. It is used to peel the top layer of slime and bacteria off of your tongue, leaving you with a clean surface. Always scrape from back to front, and then be sure to rinse the scraper and your mouth with fresh water.
  • Tongue Brush– There are brushes made specifically for your tongue. They do a better job at getting in the crevices and are designed to specifically remove the bacteria layer. As with the scraper, brush from back to front and rise after each stroke.
  • Back Of Your Toothbrush– Toothbrushes are better left to brushing your teeth. If you want a tongue brush, get one specifically designed for the tongue. However, sometimes your toothbrush will come with a special scrubber on the back of the head that is specifically designed for cleaning your tongue. Check your brush to see if it has one or not.

Use the right tools and add tongue cleaning to your daily dental routine. Your mouth and your friends will thank you. If you need to straighten out your smile or wish that you could change your teeth, give Hidden Smiles a call today. We’ve got the solutions you need like invisible braces and more to help you love the smile you’ve got and the healthy mouth that you need.