Don’t Neglect Your Smile Any Longer Because Adults Can Benefit From Receiving Ceramic Braces Too

On many occasions, adults feel as if their window of opportunity for obtaining a healthy smile has closed. Crooked teeth can cause a person pain, and they even leave them self-conscious about their look. There is not an age limit or cut-off date as to when people can have braces installed, so don’t neglect those pearly whites any longer, and instead, contact our office to find out your candidacy. Traditional metal braces are sturdy and robust. They efficiently straighten teeth, but not everyone is sold on changing their appearance in such a way for approximately 22-months.

Don’t fret if metal braces send shivers down your spine though. Our office offers different options, and we will work diligently to find the right method for you. Ceramic braces are transparent, so they are less noticeable than the metal material. They typically become installed on the upper front teeth and allow the wearer to feel comfortable with their appearance. However, the pieces are somewhat larger and brittle when compared to their metal counterparts, which means patients must brush, floss, and rinse more thoroughly than with other options. To prevent the ligatures from leaving stains behind, wearers should avoid certain activities. For instance, drinking red wine and coffee will cause problems, as well as, smoking or eating tons of junk food.

Most patients are scheduled for adjustment visits every 4 to 6 weeks, but severe issues that require intense monitoring may result in other appointments. Chewing with misaligned teeth often leads to lacerations on the inside of the cheeks or chipped enamel on another existing tooth. A person can easily become malnourished by avoiding particular foods that cause them discomfort when eating, and they are left fighting with the situation until something is done about their issues. Ask the orthodontist if ceramic braces are the appropriate method, and let us help you obtain the smile of your dreams.

Another reason that adults avoid getting braces is that they think previous dental work will hinder the process. Crowns will move just like teeth with fillings, so you can still receive an aligned bite. After the ceramic braces are removed, the patient will need to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original positions. The most common type is a removable retainer, but fixed designs are also available. The fixed model becomes glued to the inside surface of the bottom teeth and often makes cleaning more difficult. All of your questions will be answered at the initial consultation and in the end, you gain a straight, beautiful smile to flash around.

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