Easing Your Teen’s Dental Anxiety

Does your teenager get nervous at the mere mention of a dentist appointment? Is your child worried about their dental treatment? Need to get your frightened teen some Incognito Hidden braces?

It’s common for children, teens, and adults alike to have dental anxiety. However, if their fear of the dentist is keeping your teen from getting the dental care they need, it could end up causing serious problems.

Thankfully, with a few of these easy steps you can help ease your teen’s anxiety.

1. Talk to your teen

First and foremost, you should talk these fears out with your teenager. Ask them questions about what they expect to happen or what about their dental visit makes them feel anxious. You might be amazed at how much just being able to talk about their anxiety can help decrease your child’s fear.

2. Introduce relaxation techniques

There are several mediation programs and other relaxation techniques that can do wonders when it comes to anxiety. If your teenager is still nervous about their dental visits, a few stress management tips could really help to ease their fears.

3. Talk to your teen’s dentist

Your teenager is not the first person we’ve seen with dental anxiety. By alerting our dentists’ of your child’s fears, we can answer any questions they might have, prepare them for each step of their appointment, and do what we can to make their dental visit as comfortable as possible.

4. Stay positive

Your teenager is already a bit on edge, the last thing they need is someone encouraging that negativity. Even if you find yourself feeling anxious about their dental appointment, stay positive in front of your child.

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