Fixing Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

The battle between metal braces and Invisalign continues to rage on.

Individuals with crooked teeth are going to have both options available to them, but which one is better? Here’s a peek into the pros of each option and why it’s best to do your due diligence before making a decision.

Metal Braces

These are also known as traditional braces, which have been offered for decades with good results. While traditional braces do have a place in dentistry, they do come along with their own negatives.

However, it’s important to note some of the advantages of using metal braces while comparing them to Invisalign.

  • Work in all Situations
  • Ideal for All Ages
  • Flexibility for Additional Appliances (i.e. Palatal Expanders)

These advantages illustrate the value of metal braces and the role they can play in fixing crooked teeth. Please note, each case is going to differ when it comes to specifics and it’s important to keep tabs on these details while speaking to an orthodontist. She will be able to shed light on how the solution is going to be used and why it may be beneficial in your case.

One of the noted advantages would be the ability to add in new appliances such as space maintainers or palatal expanders, which can be necessary for children. Only a specialist is able to shed light on this aspect after a closer inspection of the person’s teeth.


This is a modern solution to help with crooked teeth and has become the go-to option for millions of people. No one likes the idea of an invasive and noticeable aligner, which gets in the way of their day-to-day routine. This has been a problem with metal braces for years and it doesn’t have to be with the help of Invisalign.

Here are some of the advantages of Invisalign:

  • Transparent
  • Easier to Adjust
  • Faster Timeline
  • Comfortable
  • Discreet

Invisalign is wonderful because it helps align the teeth without standing out as soon as a person starts talking. The aligner is set into place and is easy to customize, while still allowing a person to freely speak, eat, and do anything they want to throughout the day. This is ideal for individuals that want a great smile but don’t like the idea of being restricted.

This aligner is also perfect for those wanting results faster. It takes fewer appointments to get to your desired result and that’s important in the modern age where everyone is busy. By choosing a solution that is easier to adjust and still provides great results, a patient can retain tremendous value from Invisalign and its benefits. The goal should be to sit down with an orthodontist to clarify how Invisalign can work for your needs.

Anyone dealing with crooked teeth should be looking at Invisalign as soon as possible. To get started contact Hidden Smiles Orthodontics in Huntington, Long Island and learn more about what Invisalign has to offer. This is an ideal option for those in need of a high-quality, comfortable solution that slips into the background once it’s in place.

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