Getting a Head Start on Your Child’s Oral Health

While there is no set age in which your child should go to their first appointment with the orthodontist, it is always recommended to start these appointments early to catch any problems right away before the child grows and the problems become worse.


Why A Child May Need Braces


There are several reasons a child may need braces. They may have lost their baby teeth a little too soon and because of it have developed tooth and jaw problems, or maybe their adult teeth are not coming in straight, and there may be some alignment problems.

The majority of the time, their dentist will be able to identify these problems at one of your child’s regular cleanings. In that case, they can refer you to an orthodontist to help fix the problems right away; this is another reason it is so important to stay up to date and vigilant with your child’s oral care and regular appointments.


The First Appointment with the Orthodontist


Again, there is no set age limit for the first visit with the orthodontist, but kids typically will have their first appointment around the seven to ten-year mark. At their first visit, the orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination of the child’s mouth and may take X-rays and even test their bite.

The orthodontist will also examine the positioning of the current teeth and determine if there are any more adult teeth that still need to come in. It is also possible that the orthodontist will decide to take a mold of the child’s mouth and doing so will help determine any methods of treatment that would be best for them.

It is also good to keep in mind that even though your child’s teeth may look straight, there may still be some underlying problems that need to be addressed which is yet another reason why scheduling early orthodontist appointments for your child can help pinpoint any problems early to find the best route of treatment for their age.

Early detection is always good when it comes to ensuring the continuing oral health of a child. Maintain the regular cleanings with the dentist and see an orthodontist at an early age to determine any problems that need to be addressed so that your child will continue to grow and have a straight and bright smile they can be proud of.

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