How New York Teens Keep Their Confidence With Braces

You’ve heard the horror stories of your friends or family not smiling for basically however long they had their braces on. School photos where they look like they may not have any teeth and a shattered confidence until the day comes where those braces finally come off. Well that is not always the case. As many New York teens know getting braces doesn’t have to mean months or years of embarrassment anymore. In fact only about half of teens say they would have trouble smiling with braces. Plus, this is 2017, those old colored bracket, metal braces aren’t your only option anymore. Keep your confidence while you achieve that gorgeous smile you have been looking for.

Not Your Mom’s Metal Braces

We’ll start with the easiest and most obvious way to maintain that smile confidence while being braced, make it invisible. Now there are multiple ways to have braces for months without anyone knowing unless you choose to tell them. Invisalign is an option for teeth straightening using clear trays that you change over time to re-align your teeth. Incognito braces is another option similar, where the braces go behind the teeth, both of which go on where they are almost undetectable. Then you just change the trays as directed or go about having your braces that no one can see behind your teeth.

If the trays are not an options for you or you are looking for something different, some offices, including this one offer a ceramic version of the metal braces that are much less visible. The procedure and timeline is much similar to that of the metal brace option but much less noticeable to other people. Any of these options are great ways to essentially skip the anxiety of people looking at your braces, as they will not be able to see them.

Make The Braces Your Own

If it does come down to you needing to get metal braces or you are just that much of a confident rebel that you want to go with the metal braces as your choice, rock those braces hard. There are plenty of fun things you can still do with metal braces. Match your bracket colors to your school colors. You have to change your rubber bands every day, make them match your outfit. If people are going to be staring at your mouth they might as well be saying “whoa, that is a great idea, they match your outfit.” Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be just as confident in your New York style. Plus, you are actually taking the time to obtain that perfect smile and healthy mouth now, it will always pay off in the end, keep that in mind. Embrace your braces.