How Your Dental Health Affects Your Health Overall

Aside from aesthetics and difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene you overall dental health can also affect you entire bodily health. Other than making it hard to get dates, neglecting your teeth can cause massive amount of bacteria to build up and negatively impact the rest of your body. This buildup of bacteria leads to inflammation and bleeding in the mouth but that is not the only place that can be affected.

Periodontal Disease

If left untreated bacteria in the mouth leads to periodontal disease which is the cause of that inflammation of the gums and bleeding. This has been known to cause complications in the bigger organs in the body. Those with periodontal disease have a higher risk of kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. Cardiologist now recognize that periodontal disease is in direct correlation with coronary artery complications and can affect the heart in very serious ways.

The bacteria that form with severe periodontal disease can cause lesions in the mouth. These lesions attract platelets that can clot which is potentially devastating to those prone to strokes. The list of serious diseases that can be promoted by a lack of oral hygiene is a terrifying one. With age it may become more imperative to focus on this aspect of your health to avoid further complications.

Orthodontia For Prevention

Many people associate orthodontics with the simple straightening of teeth in an effort to look a different way and bring your smile back to you face. While that is all well and fine there are health reasons to get any sore of bracing procedure. When teeth become pushed together or angled, maintaining proper care becomes more difficult. This fosters bacteria that can be near impossible to remove, increasing your risk for the diseases and complications mentioned before. Although you may be able to hide a few crooked teeth, you won’t be able to hide from severe diseases if your oral health is left on its own luck.