Instead Of Waiting For Teeth Problems To Become Prominent, Schedule Your Child’s Orthopedic Exam Today

By the time a child hits age 7, some of their permanent teeth have grown in, and an orthopedic exam can determine if crowding problems or other bite issues are present. Parents do not need a referral, and if they feel that their child can benefit from treatment, help is only a phone call away. Different habits like thumb sucking and fingernail biting will lead to overbites or underbites. Phase One treatment is typically initiated between the ages of 6 and 10. It usually lasts for about 6 to 18-months, and the goal of the method is to correct problems that are best treated early on in life. Later on, if issues still exist, the doctor will move on to Phase Two treatment with your kiddo. In this stage, the teeth will become placed in their ideal resting place. However, it is notable to mention that this step usually doesn’t happen until around the age of 12.

Crooked pearly whites do not straighten out on their own, so if they are left to do as they please, the dilemma will only get worse. The child will have problems eating because the chewing motions will be painful, and the misaligned bite may result in lacerations on the tongue, cheeks, or gums. A twisted tooth can even catch on another tooth, chipping enamel along the way, which causes your child to have to go through additional procedures to repair the damage. The available space in the mouth gets smaller as a person ages, and once the permanent molars erupt, the front teeth are left with little to no room at all. So, schedule your little one’s orthodontic exam today, and help them avoid having to experience these conditions.

In some cases, extraction therapy will be required. This technique revolves around removing baby teeth to make room for the other teeth to grow correctly. Permanent teeth may also need to be removed in the future. Many patients can receive non-extraction therapy, which results in teeth becoming shaved down or the jaw being expanded to ensure that everything has room to fit. Failing to take action now will increase the likelihood of your child needing expensive procedures when they get older. Let our team monitor the situation and gain the peace of mind in knowing that they will blossom into a young adult with a beautiful smile.

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