Invisalign Means Being Careful With Lipstick

One of the big attractions of wearing Invisalign braces rather than metal braces is how unobtrusive they can be. Traditional metal braces, of course, are bands of metal wrapped around the teeth, so not only is a person forced to wear them at all hours of the day, changing dietary habits, they immediately draw attention to themselves as soon as a person opens his or her mouth and starts speaking.

With Invisalign braces, once they are placed in the mouth, their transparency means that most people won’t even notice that braces are in place unless a good, close look is taken. For people who don’t want to draw attention to themselves because of mouth issues, this is a perfect way to correct a dental problem without getting that problem noticed too much.

Unfortunately, this also means that for some people, certain lifestyle choices will have to change.


Delicate Clarity


Invisalign braces are strong, yet at the same delicate. On the one hand, they provide a constant, shaping force to your mouth that is actually capable of pushing your teeth in new directions. On the other hand, it is easy to scratch or discolor these transparent braces, leaving visible “scars” or tracings that ruin the transparent effect.

Cosmetics like lipstick, are, unfortunately, one of these factors. Lipstick is essentially a chemical, in this case, a substance designed specifically to display color, on your lips. However, it is extremely difficult to limit the application of lipstick strictly to your lips. Over the course of the day, talking, drinking water, or any other number of oral actions can cause some of that lipstick to transfer from your lips to other parts of your body.

Not all lipsticks or glosses will permanently stain your braces. Some matte lipsticks are fine, provided your lips are dry when you apply the lipstick. But even if there is a stain, right the right lipstick, it can still come off. Be sure to select your lipstick carefully if you find you can’t go without it while wearing your braces.

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