Lingual Braces – The Ideal Alternative to Metal Braces

Having a strong smile becomes more and more important as we grow older. A good smile is crucial when meeting with a date, graduating from school or when giving a presentation to potential business clients.

Getting a pleasing smile is not always that easy as most people will have to go through many years of wearing awkward braces to shape and mold their teeth the way they want them to be. In most cases, wearing regular metal braces in elementary or high school may not seem awkward.

However, wearing them to work or college can make you look awkward and unprofessional. Even worse, wearing braces may hurt your chances of finding a date.

As shallow as it seems, appearances really mean a lot in the adult world and having visible and distracting metal braces on will negatively affect your social and professional life.

Fortunately, there is still hope for those with crooked or imperfect teeth! You know why? Because of improvement in the science of orthodontics. This improvement has ensured that those who want to fix their oral imperfections don’t have to wear braces for very many years.

With lingual braces, like Incognito Braces, you can keep working towards having that perfect smile every day without anyone even realizing you are wearing braces. This type of braces will remain invisible unless you tell people that you are wearing them.


Despite being hidden from view, lingual braces are just as effective as regular braces. Your orthodontist will install the lingual braces on the inside surface of your teeth and cement them in place.

Once the braces are securely affixed to the back of your teeth, they can slowly start molding and shaping your teeth from the inside. A person wearing regular braces has to avoid certain foods and spend a lot of time cleaning their teeth.

However, those who use lingual braces can eat any type of food, talk, smile and do almost any day to day activities without being inconvenienced. Additionally, each pair of lingual braces is custom built for your unique set of teeth to make the entire process as painless as possible.

There are many types of lingual braces and it is good to choose a type that will be ideal for you. Your orthodontist can help you choose the best type as they fully understand your individual needs and preferences. This leads to faster treatment time, shorter appointments and a much more comfortable experience.

Lingual braces are becoming more popular because of the freedom and flexibility they offer. The braces have become a popular choice among adult professionals, certain types of musicians, actors/actress, athletes, and students because of what they offer.

Are you looking for a way to improve your dental health without sacrificing your appearance? If the answer is a big yes, then lingual braces may just be the right thing for you as they are invisible and comfortable.

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