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Mita A. Parikh, DMD

864 W Jericho Turnpike | Huntington, NY 11743


Old Bethpage Residents: Hidden Smiles Orthodontics Will Give You the Perfect Smile

We know the secrets of transforming smiles into something you’ll be proud to personally have!

Dr. Mita A. Parkikh has a professional specialization in the field of orthodontics. Accredited by the ADA, she has finished an advanced postdoctoral degree in her field of specialization. Her office is located for your convenience near Old Bethpage, where she uses state of the art orthodontic tools and technology to make gorgeous smiles for her patients.

She dedicates her career to giving her patients the smiles that change their lives, and she gets to do it in a setting that many patients claim resembles a first-rate boutique. Options available for straightening teeth include Invisalign, Invisalign Teen (which are clear braces), Incognito, and Incognito Lite (which are hidden braces). Dr. Parikh also works with traditional ceramic or metal braces.

We offer local residents easy and affordable orthodontic services.

In addition to helping all her patients maintain their health, Dr. Parikh also offers cosmetic orthodontics at affordable prices so that every patient can attain the beautiful smile they long for. Here at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, we work with every one of our patients in order to provide accessible orthodontic treatment through options like interest-free financing and accepting all major insurance plans.

Take heart! You don’t have to hide your smile or potential smile any longer! Come in and let Dr. Parikh unveil the smile you’ve always craved. Contact us right away so you can have a consultation.

We create the smiles that we know area residents dream about.

We take a unique and customized approach to the orthodontic treatment plan we create for each patient. We do this because we know that no patient has the same teeth as someone else. Dr. Parikh and her staff create unique plans for every patient be they adolescents or adults. In cases of someone needing braces, we have numerous options, including clear aligners, metal braces, ceramic braces, and even braces that can go behind your teeth. The kind that you choose, based on our advice, will of course depend on your unique needs. We’ll actively and eagerly listen to you to learn your dreams so we can help you formulate a treatment plan you are comfortable with.

If you are actively engaged in a career line of work, then you know how far impressions can go. Dr. Parikh and the rest of us at Hidden Smiles also know this, so we understand why so many adults cringe at the thought of getting braces. We’ll work alongside you to alleviate your stresses and fears, coming up with a plan that works for both your teeth and lifestyle.

If you live close to us and are wanting a better smile, then contact us right away so you can schedule a consultation where we’ll go over the various orthodontic treatment options that are available. We’ll partner up with you to create a customized treatment plan which lets you discover your dream smile.

More Information on Old Bethpage…

Old Bethpage is a hamlet located on Long Island in the Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County, Long Island. Old Bethpage and its neighboring hamlet, Plainview, share a school system, library, fire department and water district.

Old Bethpage has a total area of 4.1 square miles. Although Plainview, at 5.7 square miles is 40% larger, its population is approximately five times that of Old Bethpage because significant portions of Old Bethpage consist of parks and undeveloped property, including, Bethpage State Park, the Old Bethpage Village Restoration and Battle Row Campground.

Old Bethpage’s school system is the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District. This school district contains one high school, two middle schools, four elementary schools and a kindergarten center. Of these schools, the only one located in Old Bethpage proper is Old Bethpage Elementary School.

Old Bethpage has a number of community parks tucked in between its homes. For residents, the primary park is the Old Bethpage Park, located on Haypath Road. This park features two tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, playgrounds and a community center.

Old Bethpage contains Bethpage State Park which has five golf courses, the most famous of which is the Black Course, where the US Open was held in 2002 and again in 2009.

Old Bethpage has a wonderful community of mostly families with children and is a great place to bring up kids. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping and is very centrally located on the Island so its easy to get to other areas.