Making Dental Hygiene Fun For Kids

Stressed trying to help your kid develop strong oral hygiene habits? Are you having trouble getting your children to brush and floss? While it can be frustrating, teaching dental hygiene habits early is important to ensuring that these habits stay strong throughout their life.

If you have having trouble getting your child to brush and floss, here are a few helpful tips to remember:

Flavored toothpaste for children

A child’s mouth is much more sensitive than an adult’s mouth is. Toothpaste that has a strong flavor or burning sensation might be too much for them to handle. Thankfully, many kid centric toothpastes have less intense flavors that children love like bubblegum. In fact, allowing your child to choose their preferred flavor can help encourage them to become an active part of their dental hygiene.

Getting to choose their toothbrush

Along with allowing them to choose their toothpaste, you should let them choose their toothbrush too. Having a toothbrush in their favorite color or with a cute cartoon on them helps kids get excited about brushing their teeth. There are even some toothbrushes that plays music that your child would love.

Encourage them to brush on their own

Let your child put on the toothpaste themselves and worry about the mess later. Having a parent control the entire brushing activity takes all the ‘fun’ out of it. While you don’t want to encourage them to make a mess, you should allow them to do things themselves and let your kid show you how independent they can be.

Compliment your child’s brushing

Allowing your kid to control their dental experience is important, but it won’t mean much if they aren’t getting any positive reinforcement for it. Make sure you are turning this habit into a positive experience you both can enjoy with compliments or even with some reward stickers for every time they remember to brush or floss.

Does your child have a crooked smile?

Here at Hidden Smiles, we have the expertise and advance dental technology in order to provide your child with a comfortable way to straighten their smile. That’s why we give you several advanced options so you can choose the best one for your child’s unique needs.

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