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Mita A. Parikh, DMD

864 W Jericho Turnpike | Huntington, NY 11743


Orthodontist Melville, Long Island

You Can Get The Beautiful Smile You Deserve
At Hidden Smiles Orthodontics!

If you’re worried about the impression your teeth make, you might struggle to keep from showing off your smile. Why not fix your issues and let the world see how beautiful that smile can be? We’re here to help!

Dr. Mita Parikh - OrthodontistLed by Dr. Mita A. Parikh, the Hidden Smiles Orthodontics offices in Huntington provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for patients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. If you want to enjoy the highest levels of service in a boutique clinic environment that gives you access to the very latest technologies, this is the place to go. The office provides ample parking and there is never a wait to be seen.

You’ll enjoy full access to a comprehensive range of teeth straightening techniques, one of which is sure to meet your needs completely.

In the skilled hands of Dr. Parikh you’ll be on the fast track to a healthy, beautiful smile that you’ll be eager to show off in the future. Many adult patients are hesitant to have traditional braces installed, and younger patients sometimes have their doubts as well. Fortunately, Hidden Smiles Orthodontics provides a comprehensive range of treatment options, including popular discreet choices like Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, Incognito, and Incognito Lite. The office also provides numerous more traditional options including metal and ceramic braces.

Effective And Affordable Orthodontic Treatment
for Residents of Melville, Long Island

Everyone on Long Island deserves access to quality orthodontic treatment. This is why Hidden Smiles Orthodontics provides extensive financing options to help you fit premium orthodontic work into your budget. You can take full advantage of the latest and greatest teeth straightening techniques without paying outrageous sums of money for them! We also work with most major insurance providers to further ease the financial requirements of orthodontic treatment.

Don’t keep your smile under wraps if you’re not happy with it; just fix it! We can help!

If you need orthodontic assistance and you live in Melville, please feel free to get in touch with and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Our Orthodontic Philosophy

Our feeling is that each of our patients is unique and deserves unique treatment. This is why we start off your treatment plan by discussing your specific needs and concerns before proposing the steps we can use to address them. We’ll alter your plan as necessary to ensure that your experience at Hidden Smiles is as comfortable and satisfying as can be.

We’re eager to provide alternatives if you don’t like the idea of wearing standard braces. We have great alternatives for you to consider, including “invisible” behind-the-teeth braces and clear aligners custom fitted to your teeth.

Get in touch with us now if you live in Melville so we can schedule your orthodontic consultation and start you down the road to a more beautiful smile!