Plan For A Successful Dental Visit With Your Kids

A dental visit with kids can be a piece of cake, or extremely hard. A lot of it depends on your child and how they react to new experiences. You can help make it a positive experience for everyone with just a few tips and tricks.

Plan Ahead

Schedule your appointment ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute. A lot of parents leave their dental appointments until the last possible minute, which is understandable. Life often gets very busy and time slips away. Scheduling your appointment ahead of time leaves you plenty of options to make your time slot fit your schedule. If you are scrambling around last minute, you might not have the same options available.

Let Them Help

Encourage your kids to take part in their own dental health at home. They should be remembering to brush their teeth both morning and night. They can also practice flossing, and using mouthwash if your dentist says it’s ok. The more hands on experience they get, the easier the dentist appointment will go.

Time Of Day

If you know your child gets cranky in the late afternoon, don’t plan your dental appointment for that time slot. Pick an early morning slot when they are still happy and not exhausted. This is key to getting your kids to cooperate in the chair and learning what happens at the dentist’s office. If you are looking to plan an appointment for an older child, realize that they may be tired after a long day at school. It might be better to consider an appointment on a day when they have no school or a half day, but you’ll probably have to book way in advance because other parents will have the same idea.

Schedule Your Appointments Together

If you have an older child who has been to the dentist before, schedule their appointment first. Your younger child can watch the older child’s appointment and learn that there really is nothing to be worried about. If you don’t have another child, then schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning for yourself first. Have your child sit in the room and watch, and they will quickly learn what happens in a typical appointment.

Keep Your Own Cool

If you act calm, cool and collected, you kids will too. If you start worrying about everything and having an anxiety attack, it will make them anxious to be there as well. Spend the time reading a book with them while you wait for your appointment time. Or just talk about their day, and don’t worry about what is going to happen. Your mood will set the tone for the whole appointment.

Schedule your appointment with us today. We’d be happy to help everyone in your family have a positive dental experience, making the next visit easier too. Give us a call and we’ll set something up right away.

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