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Prevent Yourself From Having To Avoid Certain Foods By Asking The Doctor If Invisalign Is The Right Choice For You

Prevent Yourself From Having To Avoid Certain Foods By Asking The Doctor If Invisalign Is The Right Choice For YouEating with metal or ceramic braces is not always the easiest of tasks. Food particles become stuck in the brackets, residues build up between the teeth, and biting into hard candy may leave you experiencing pain. Chewing gum is usually completely out of the question unless the wearer wants to spend hours detangling the sticky mess. Crunchy items have to be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces, and the entire dining process can become quite overwhelming. However, both methods straighten teeth efficiently, and the patient is left with a gorgeous smile when the treatment is complete.

There is an alternative to these tried-and-true designs though. Advancements in technology and the dental field have given us Invisalign. The aligners are not appropriate for everyone, but teens and adults are ideal candidates. Our team utilizes 3D imaging to capture the initial and final resting place of the teeth. Each person’s mouth is unique, so the number of aligners that patients receive will differ between cases. However, each set is typically worn in two-week intervals. They do not come from a box sitting on a shelf, but instead, each one is custom for your mouth to produce a snug, secure fit. The trays are transparent, or at least as close to clear as humanly possible, which means the person gains a healthy, straight smile without anyone knowing that they are receiving treatment.

Invisalign does not cause your diet to become restricted. The aligners are removable, and wearers can just pop them in and out of their mouth as needed. Patients are free to eat popcorn, pizza, and any other food of their choosing. Of course, it is still in a person’s best interest to practice excellent oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will keep decay at bay, but it is equally as necessary to keep the aligner clean. Failing to do so will give harmful bacteria an environment to thrive in, which will leave the wearer with bad breath, and it can also result in them becoming sick. There is no tightening of brackets or adjusting of archwires, so it is highly likely that patients will spend less time at the orthodontist than with some of the other methods. This added convenience leaves them free to do more of the things that they love. There is nothing to lose and only straight, healthy teeth to gain, so ask the doctor if Invisalign is the right choice for you.

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