Reasons Parents Should Consider Invisalign Teen For Their Student-Athlete

High school and sports tend to go hand in hand, which is not a bad thing as it teaches teamwork, leadership skills, and various other components that are beneficial for success in life. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that these young athletes wear the proper safety equipment, and for wearers of braces, that tool is a mouth guard. Even if the sport is not full-contact like football, one wrong move could lead to your player receiving painful cuts and lacerations. These items are equally important for everybody on the team to use for preventing natural teeth from becoming broken or dislodged from the socket as well.

For parents with kiddos that have crooked or crowded teeth, but are afraid to have them fixed from fear of a stainless steel piece protruding through the skin, Invisalign Teen might be a more suitable option for you. The students have far more important things to worry about like prom dates, obtaining a drivers license, and just being a kid, so while the safety concern is likely not an issue for them, the unappealing look of traditional braces is of particular interest. The transparent liners offer you the perfect solution to get your child the lovely fall portrait that they crave, while still effectively straightening teeth without their friends or teachers knowing.

Invisalign Liners Are Comfortable To Wear

Obviously, it is hard enough to make yourself wear something that is uncomfortable but getting a teen to accomplish the task is nearly impossible. Our 3-D imaging technology captures the teeth in their original positions, as well as the future resting place. Each liner entails of mild altercations that gradually straighten the teeth. They are designed specifically for your student’s mouth, and each one is unique and different to accommodate their specific needs. It is notable to mention though that the device can easily become removed to eat or accomplish other tasks. Then, it just as quickly slides right back over the teeth.

Relieve Stress By Letting Them Eat The Foods That They Enjoy

Popcorn and candy, while not very healthy for you, are somewhat like a right of passage in our society. Not many people want to head to the theater to watch the new summer blockbuster with only celery sticks in hand. Trying to keep teens on a strict diet is like attempting to extract teeth. It is not always the simplest of tasks, but with proper encouragement and the removable Invisalign Teen treatment, the act might become a little easier. Just make sure that the kiddos are brushing, flossing, and rinsing while wearing the liner appropriately to achieve the best results.