Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing

Braces can be a source of embarrassment, although common for children to need them. If you are a young person needing orthodontia or an adult dreading the idea of an adult in braces there are some great options for you to secretly straighten your beautiful smile. For years we have been hearing about Invisalign and the innovative clear retainer that straightens your teeth with the same efficiency that traditional braces would straighten. When an exciting new product like this comes out there is bound to be an eventual competitive market. Now there are a couple different ways that we can help you get a great smile without anyone knowing.

Clear Aligners – Invisalign

Essentially invisible and recommended for many adults with shifted teeth, the Invisalign model gives you a realistic outlook on your alignment plan. Provided with a full set of clear aligners that you wear for two weeks and then move up to the next aligner. Each tray is a clear mold and is almost undetectable when worn. Not to mention you will avoid the typical problems associated with metal braces and be able to eat as you normally do. This has been a popular selection for some years now, for those who are qualified and can get you back to a straight smile without anyone noticing.

Hide Behind – Incognito

Why we hadn’t thought of this in the first place is a little beyond us but this is great. Using the same, proven techniques of traditional braces but behind the teeth. These are perfect for your teen or busy adult, who may have trouble remembering to take in and out the clear aligner. These are put in and controlled by the orthodontist but are still secret. You are also free to eat what you want compared to the old braces that are on the front of the tooth. This is the best idea, it’s the same process just behind the teeth.

Your teeth have already caused you enough embarrassment and shame, why add to that when we have developed effective and hidden ways to straighten out that smile? Trust us when we say these are just as effective and healthy as the traditional version (which are still an option for us). The biggest struggle people have when braces is the insecurity of what they look like. Eliminate that feeling by getting hidden aligners.