Straighter Teeth and a Stunning Smile in Half the Time!

Do you have crooked teeth? Are you in need of orthodontic services? There are a ton of options these days for achieving a beautiful smile. It used to be that wire braces were the only method used to straighten teeth. Of course, this method works wonders for those with crooked teeth, but many shy away from this option due to how long it can take. Boy, have times changed! We want to tell you about a way to have straighter teeth and a stunning smile in half the time using the most aesthetic braces of your choice!

Introducing The PROPEL System…

PROPEL is an add on service to your choice of braces which reduces the time you need to wear braces by half! Traditionally, moving teeth is a slow process that can only be sped up by invasive surgery, but no one wants to go through that.

PROPEL is a new procedure that stimulates the bone remodeling process leading to results in half the time! We use a small device to dimple the bone around the teeth that need to be moved. This procedure is done while you are in the dental chair and after a local anesthetic has been given to numb the area. The procedure takes mere minutes and is both safe and effective and has no side effects or complications, unlike invasive surgery.

How does PROPEL work?

The PROPEL procedure can speed up your orthodontic treatment by increasing blood flow to the area that was dimpled by making the bone more pliable. This makes it much simpler for the tooth to be shifted into the desired position via the braces of your choice (Invisalign, traditional wire braces, ceramic braces). This allows the bone to re-grow and strengthen as the tooth is shifted into another position.

Who can use PROPEL?

PROPEL can be added to most orthodontic treatments for teens and adults. It is important that you are supervised by your general dentist on a regular basis to make sure the procedure is most effective and you need to make sure you tell us about all of your medications, especially if you are on a blood thinner which could cause an increase in bleeding and unwanted side effects.

Why should I use PROPEL?

Whether you wear traditional wire bracket braces or a system like Invisalign, you should check into PROPEL to expedite the process. Can you imagine being able to have your braces removed in half the time? If you were quoted wearing braces for two years, you would only have to wear them for a year!

With PROPEL added to your orthodontic treatment, you don’t need to hide your smile any longer. Discover your hidden smile in half the time – ask Dr. Parikh about whether PROPEL will work for you!

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