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The Advantages Of a Professional
Teeth Whitening Service

The staining of teeth is more complicated than the major brands would want you to believe. The truth is that no over-the-counter product is capable of completely eliminating stains and discoloration. If you want to experience a truly whiter smile, then you need to visit a dentist and receive professional teeth whitening service.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Not all stains are created equal. Some stains exist only on the surface of the tooth enamel. Then, there are stains that have found their way between the tiny cracks that exist in the enamel. Those stains are capable of penetrating the dentin, which is much further than any over-the-counter teeth whitening product can reach.

When you use a whitening agent or a toothpaste that contains one, what they do is reduce discoloration by eliminating a portion of the stains on the surface. Professionals offer intrinsic and extrinsic teeth whitening, thus eliminating the stains on the inside and the outside of the enamel.

There are several different techniques that can be used to eliminate tough intrinsic stains. The most commonly utilized is the application of bleach. Contrary to what many believe, bleach does not remove the stains on the outside of the teeth. Rather, the bleach penetrates the tooth and eliminates stains located on the dentin.

The color on the outside of the tooth is restored using a combination of whitening agents and mechanical tools. The dentist will scale or polish the tooth, which removes excess calculus and tartar on the surface. With the surface polished and the inner tooth bleached, your smile will be whiter than it has ever been before.

What About Laser Teeth Whitening?

Recent advancements in laser technology have made them a common tool in most modern dental offices. The use of lasers in the whitening process has introduced several new benefits. At its core, it works just like light accelerated bleaching, but much faster and with more precision.

A standard tooth whitening procedure may require several appointments before optimal results are experienced. The process can be sped up by using a light source to accelerate the release of oxygen ions from the gel. A laser aided whitening process can deliver the same results in only a single visit.

The process is very simple. First, a protective gel is applied to the gums. The gel hardens somewhat and prevents the whitening solution from reaching the gums. After the gel hardens, a whitening solution is applied to the front of the teeth using a syringe. A highly accurate laser is then used to accelerate the compound, which will cause it to foam and lift the stains. This process may be repeated up to three times in a single session.

One of the major advantages of laser whitening is that it can be used to whiten only a single tooth rather than the entire mouth. If you have a particular problem area in the mouth, then you can target that area for whitening using a laser. Whether a single tooth or the entire mouth, it’s always best to receive teeth whitening from a professional dentist rather than an over-the-counter whitening agent.