The 4 Worst Consequences Of Not Straightening Your Teeth

Getting braces seems like an obvious choice for some. However, there are some of us that did not suffer from shifted teeth until later in life. This poses somewhat of a dilemma. Since the shifting is gradual, we may have become accustomed to the way our teeth look but it may be brought up by your dentist that they have shifted to a point that may impact their health. As adults we are more prone to just let things like this slide. Well there are some great concerns if you do not take this situation serious.

Difficulty Of Care

Straight teeth are easier to clean. It is that simple. The more crooked your teeth become the harder it is to brush and floss effectively. Therefore, leaving your crooked teeth as they are can lead to major hygiene issues, including disease. It’s better to get your teeth fixed now and begin to have them decay and decide later that it was a good idea.

Varying Wear On Your Teeth

When there is misalignment between teeth the pressure put on each is not equal, leading to varied wear on your teeth. If most of the work is being done by one section of the teeth, then those few will have the most problems from overuse. You want your teeth to be used evenly, that’s why there are so many. Once they are aligned properly you will notice an evening of the wear on your teeth and begin to equalize stress put each section of your mouth. This will lead to more efficient use and longer lasting oral health.

Hiding Your Smile

When we walk around feeling self-conscious about the aesthetics of our teeth it as negative effects socially. How many times have you been told to smile in a picture when you don’t feel comfortable doing so? It’s annoying. When you get your teeth straightened they are going to have a hard time getting you to stop smiling.

Teeth Misalignments Get Worse

If you feel like your teeth are just barely crowded or only shifted a little bit or those misalignments aren’t that noticeable, they will get worse. Just keep in mind that teeth will continue to shift over time. As you age they will become more crowded and crooked and lead to all the problems mentioned above. Don’t wait is what we are saying, if your dentist has mentioned your teeth crowding and even the idea of you benefitting your teeth you should seriously consider orthodontia.