The Benefits Of Clear Braces

The first clear braces were introduced in 1997. 3-D computer technology was used, and by 2000, orthodontists were using them regularly. Along the way, many benefits have been discovered for using clear braces in place of traditional metal braces. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Custom Fit
Each set of clear braces is designed with a custom fit. Every two weeks, you are fitted with a new set, ensuring that the fit stays custom for your mouth. When braces fit the right way, there is less of a chance that they will rub on your gums, creating inflammation. It means less pain, and less chance for bacteria to get stuck inside your inflamed gums.

It is very hard for people to tell that you are wearing braces when you are wearing clear braces. Metal braces bring on the thoughts of teenagers and middle school. Avoid these stigmas and don’t draw any more attention to your mouth. Keep your adult status and opt for clear braces instead of traditional metal ones.

Plastic braces have the benefit of being removable. This makes them easier to clean and will help to keep your mouth free of dangerous bacteria. Clear braces need to be worn a majority of the time, but they can be removed for certain situations. You can remove them to eat, or to clean them. Traditional braces can only be removed by your orthodontist, and need to be kept on at all times.

Less Damage
Traditional metal braces can sometimes cause damage to the surface of your teeth. Clear braces are less invasive and can reduce the amount of trauma on your teeth. They are designed to change with your teeth as you correct your smile. Save money later down the road by preventing the need to restoring your teeth.

Clear braces have some clear benefits over traditional metal braces. Call Hidden Smiles today for your consultation. We’ll be happy to get you started on the road to healthier, straighter teeth.

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