The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a vital tool for dental care. They allow us to see what is happening below the surface of your mouth, which leads to finding problems before it is too late to treat them. Digital x-ray technology has changed the way we are able to treat dental patients.

Digital x-rays allow us to see what is going on inside your mouth right away. No longer do you have to wait for the films to develop so you can see, but now the digital x-rays are available right on the screen at the touch of a button. You can zoom in on parts that may need to be looked at, and you can get a better sense of what needs to be done.

Better Quality
Digital x-rays are very high quality. The technology is getting better all the time, and the quality of the x-rays is improving so much that you can now see the tiniest of cracks or damage on the surface of your teeth. These high quality images allow for better dental care in the long run and will help you to keep your mouth healthier.

Digital images can be shared much easier than traditional films. Digital images can be emailed to the appropriate parties, allowing better care to be used among your dental offices. If you need to see a specialist, your images can be shared simply with the click of a button. Get a second opinion without having to drive an envelope of films all over the place.

Hidden Smiles uses digital x-ray technology to get you the best treatment possible. We can detect problems with alignment before they even start, helping you to get a straighter smile faster. DIgital x-rays allow us to design better treatment plans, and end up saving you money in the long run. Give us a call today to schedule your evaluation and consultation appointment.

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