The Many Benefits Available To Teens Wearing Invisalign

People choose not to smile for a variety of different reasons. Crooked teeth leave people feeling unsure and self-conscious about their appearance. Lips snap shut as phones come out to take selfies and pictures. Teens have plenty of stuff going on in their lives, and a less than stellar smile only adds to the stress. Students jump through hoops while doing this and that to feel accepted by peers, but teens can be cruel at times. The unappealing visual characteristic of conventional braces can contribute to a lousy experience throughout the high school years. Consult with the dentist to find out if Invisalign is the best method to straighten your teen’s teeth.

A Transparent And Barely-There Look

Invisalign liners are clear, or as close to it as possible so that they can become worn at all times. Aside from a small period of getting used to wearing the device, speech does not become slurred or hindered. It slides in and out of the mouth effortlessly, while also providing a snug fit to prevent slipping or falling out of place. State-of-the-art, 3-D imaging technology, captures the entire treatment plan, and liners are customized to meet the patient’s specific straightening needs. Each piece of the set is worn in two-week intervals unless otherwise instructed by the dentist, but the severity of the issues determines the length of the entire process.

Stick To Or Improve Upon Your Normal Brushing Routine

Metal and ceramic braces stay in the mouth at all times. Meanwhile, Invisalign wearers just remove the device and can continue with their ordinary dental hygiene routine. Of course, if cavities or other issues were brought to your attention at the last checkup, now might be the appropriate time to improve upon your technique. Don’t forget to clean the Invisalign liner too. Harmful bacteria and germs may be present on the surface of the material that can cause illnesses. Stuck-on food particles can cause the piece not to sit right, or rub, leaving behind irritated gums and mouth sores. With so many benefits and only a straight smile to gain, there has never been a better time to achieve better mouth health.