Things To Expect In The First Few Days After Receiving Braces

Every mouth, tooth, and patient is unique and different. Therefore, not all clients will have the same experience when it comes to wearing braces. However, there are certain things that people who are obtaining metal, or ceramic braces, should expect after the procedure. Prevent mild sensitivity or other common symptoms from sending you into panic mode by just gaining knowledge about the different materials from wearers and dental professionals. The various perspectives on items like comfort and cleaning, as well as recommendations from the orthodontist, will help a quick determination become made over which style is right for you.

Some Foods Must Be Avoided Regardless Of Which Design Is Chosen

The adhesive that is used to create a bond between the braces and teeth dries swiftly, but it needs approximately twenty-four hours to dry completely. Feel free to eat and drink immediately after leaving the office, but always abide by the directions that your orthodontist lays out for you to avoid damaging a bracket. Foods to avoid include, but are not limited to…

  • Sugarless or regular gum
  • Hard foods like apples, peaches, or carrots
  • Chewy and sticky candy or snacks
  • Crunchy items like ice and popcorn

The last thing that you want is to have to spend more time in the dentist chair, especially after all of this work just became finished. All patients receive thorough, detailed, and easy to understand instructions to prevent misunderstandings and mishaps from occurring. Still though, if something breaks or just feels wrong, metal or ceramic braces wearers should never hesitate to contact the installer of the device.

Awkward, Sticking Out, Or Bulky Feeling

Immediately after installation, many patients complain that their braces are sticking out. Once the apparatus becomes worn more by the individual, teeth begin to straighten, and bites align, these feelings will subside. Today’s braces, regardless of the style, are far more comfortable than the ones from yesteryear. Adults and teens can achieve a straight smile that leaves them feeling self-confident and assured while experiencing minimal pain, inconvenience, or discomfort.

For Additional Aesthetic Appeal

Ceramic braces are of clear materials that blend in better with tooth enamel coloring than some of the other methods. They are durable but also more brittle than traditional metal braces, so application typically is reserved for older teens or adults that can handle the additional responsibility. Meanwhile, metal braces are of stainless steel construction for strength and toughness. However, the main downfall with the design is the metal mouth look. Luckily, colored bands can be put in place to let unique styles shine through. Either method is worthy of consideration for correcting crooked teeth.