Turn That Less Than Perfect Smile Fab With Invisalign

People tend to cringe when they think about braces. Wearing metal brackets and wires does not do much for self-esteem, even though the devices result in a straight, attractive smile. Many patients with metal braces avoid smiling, and they also attempt to cover their mouth before talking. It is not uncommon to see wearers positioning their tongue or hand in a way that hides the teeth when opening their mouth. Achieving better oral health should never cause these kinds of problems, but teasing and ridicule may leave a person feeling unsure about their appearance. Luckily, breakthroughs in the dental industry have opened up new doors, and numerous other options are available for straightening crooked teeth.

Advanced 3-D computer imaging is utilized to capture your entire treatment plan. It shows the original formation of the teeth, as well as, their final resting place. Aligners are custom made and provide a secure, snug fit. They are clear, inconspicuous and remain hidden from onlookers unless the patient decides to reveal that they are wearing the device. The number of sets that you receive becomes determined by the severity of your issues, but each aligner is typically worn for a 2-week interval. Young children are not ideal candidates for Invisalign, but the method can prove to be beneficial for both teens and adults.

These aligners give wearers the freedom to eat what they want by just removing the piece and putting it back into place when they are done. However, it is important to remember that certain foods and beverages will leave behind stains. Our team will discuss all of these things with you to prevent any confusion. Invisalign does not limit your ability to do the activities that you love. Patients should feel free to swim, play sports, or just hang out with friends. The world is complicated enough without adding stressors, so Invisalign makes achieving an aligned bite simple. Metal and ceramic braces cause people to have difficulties when brushing or flossing. The brackets and wires tend to result in the tasks feeling nearly impossible. Just remove the aligner and stick to your regular oral hygiene routine. However, it is equally as important to clean the equipment as directed by the doctor. Failing to do so can give dangerous bacteria places to hide, and these foreign substances being present will result in decay, bad breath, or countless other health-related issues. Don’t delay any longer, and instead, obtain a smile that you will be proud of with Invisalign.