What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Braces Over Metal Braces?

When dealing with crooked teeth there are a few different ways for you to straighten them. While traditional metal braces have been used by people for decades, Invisalign is becoming incredibly popular.

While both options work well at straightening the teeth and eliminating imperfections that often make people feel uncomfortable and insecure, there are more benefits associated with the use of Invisalign.

Invisalign Is More Comfortable Than Metal Braces

Although metal braces can cause some irritation, Invisalign usually does not cause any irritation. Rather than dealing with bulky metal on your mouth, you would have plastic aligners that go over the top teeth and the bottom teeth. While the metal braces are glued to the teeth and will stay on them for years before the orthodontist removes them when the teeth are finally straight, Invisalign braces are completely removable. Although you would need to wear the aligners most of the time, including both day and night, you could take them out when you wanted to brush your teeth, floss between your teeth, and even eat something.

Invisalign Is More Convenient Than Metal Braces

Sometimes metal braces can keep people from eating some of the different foods that they would normally like to eat, such as bagels and crunchy snacks, including popcorn, pretzels, and chips. You would not need to worry about your braces getting in the way of what you want to eat when you are wearing Invisalign because you could take the aligners out before enjoying a meal. Aside from eating what you want, there is no need to worry about getting food stuck between all the metal brackets in your mouth.

It is far more comfortable and convenient to have Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces. They are removable, completely clear, and even more comfortable than metal braces. If you need to choose between the two, you should think about getting Invisalign.