What You Should Know About Pregnancy And Dental Care

Are you expecting a bundle of joy soon? This is a huge life changing milestone, but before you start painting the baby’s room, you should probably take a trip to see your dentist.

While you should always be taking care of your dental hygiene, pregnancy can come with some extra challenges when it comes to your oral health. The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy can often increase the risk of developing gum disease which can affect you and your developing baby’s health.

That is why you should not hesitate to inform your dentist of your current or upcoming pregnancy. With a dentist at your side, you prevent or treat any issue that comes along quickly and carefully. However, any major dental procedure will need to wait until after delivery.

Dental x-rays – Dental x-rays can still be done, but your dentist will ensure that extreme caution is used to keep you can your baby safe. Though advances in technology has made x-rays much safer than in the past.

Medication/vitamins – You will need to inform your dentist of any of the medications or prenatal vitamins that have been prescribed by your doctor along with any medical device a doctor may have given you. This will help your dentist alter any dental treatment plan to ensure there will be no complications.

Periodontal exams – With an increased risk of gum disease, regular periodontal exams are more important than ever. Additionally, you should pay extra attention to the health and condition of your gums. If you notice any bleeding, tenderness, or swelling in your gums during pregnancy, do not hesitate to talk with your dentist about possible gingivitis.

Morning sickness – If your morning sickness has been keeping you from brushing properly, talk with your dentist about possible toothpaste or brushing alternatives. Additionally, if you have frequent morning sickness, you should make sure to rinse out your mouth after throwing up to prevent any acid damage.

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