When Is It Time To Consider Braces

Adults and children alike ask themselves everyday if their teeth are good enough. We know if you spend some time each day (hopefully) in front of the mirror cleaning your teeth you are going to notice the changes as flaws. Maybe it was easier for the kids who had an obvious need for braces, to get it out of the way when they were younger? Well, there isn’t a definitive answer one when you should get braces but we have some experience and  guidance to share with you that might help you decide if it’s time.

Noticeable Changes

Since you are the one who spends everyday checking them out, you are the best authority on how those teeth are doing. Overtime if you have noticed some teeth are starting to overlap or they are spaced out too much or your bite is not consistent with a regular bite you should ask some questions. These are things your dentist may also point out to you. These issues can lead to oral hygiene and health problems if not addressed. If you have begun to see some shifting in your mouth ask your doctor about your options and how to prevent those shifts from leading to further problems. They will probably suggest braces.

Other Bodily Warnings

When your teeth are not in the proper placement things will happen to your mouth that can be taken as a sign you should do something about it. Bad breath is a symptom of crooked teeth due to the difficulty of care. If food starting to get stuck in places it wasn’t before? This is a sign your teeth have shifted. Are you noticing some whistling or a lisp that wasn’t there before? There are some new gaps in your teeth that should be straightened out. Pain is an obvious indicator that your teeth or bite have changed and your jaw is not in its proper placement. Finally getting braces can help alleviate all of these symptoms.

You Want To Smile Again

We associate good teeth with success and health and beauty. There is a confidence that comes with having a great smile and you deserve to have that. Maybe you used to feel confident about your teeth and now you are embarrassed. Getting braces is a choice you and your dentist can make. If you are struggling with a confident smile, tell your dentist, they will understand, they hear it all the time. If you are honest about that then they can offer you some of the newer hidden technologies like Invisalign or Incognito braces so that even through the process of straightening your teeth you do not have to feel embarrassed about your braces. If you want to have a confident straight smile, get one.