Why Is A Straight Smile Important?

First Impressions
One of the first things someone else should see is your smile. When you walk up to greet someone, your smile is right out front for everyone to see. Having a straight, white smile will help your first impression be a positive one. Land that job interview, or make friends with your neighbors again with your new, straight smile.

A straight, white smile brings a new level of confidence to your life. People will appreciate the care you have taken with your smile, and you will feel better about yourself. More confidence for you means that you can land that job you want, or you can attend social functions again without being embarrassed. Having confidence in your daily life can change your whole outlook.

Healthier Teeth
A straight smile is a sign of healthy teeth. Keeping your smile straight and white requires regular visits to the dentist, which means that your teeth are being taken care of on a regular basis. Regular visits to the dentist will keep your teeth healthy, leaving your smile looking great. When teeth are crooked and overlapping each other, there is more opportunity for food particles and other debris to get trapped, leading to decay and erosion of your enamel. A straight smile leaves less chance for this, keeping your mouth healthier

Live Longer
With trapped food particles comes gum disease. Gum disease can lead to things like coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Studies have shown that people who regularly floss have a tendency to live longer. It is really hard to floss if you teeth are crooked and not in the right places. Having a straighter smile allows you to take better care of your teeth, therefore reducing your risk for coronary artery disease.

Avoid Damage
If your teeth are out of line, they aren’t as strong as they could be. A fall, a sports injury and more can severely injure crooked teeth. Having a straighter smile can help you avoid injury and keep your teeth from getting hurt. An accidental fracture is less likely to happen if your teeth aren’t sticking out at the wrong angles.

If you are considering a straighter smile, come in for an evaluation. Hidden Smiles is here to help you on your way to a better mouth. We use Invisalign technology to help straighten out your smile in no time. Call us today to schedule a consultation.