Why You Want Your Dentist To Use Digital Impressions

Most of us have experienced the need for some type of tooth impression in our dental career. It is a very common procedure that can be necessary for anything from a crown to molding a mouth guard. Just like any other medical or dental procedure we are constantly improving the technology and trying to find the best way to get this done. So, no more putting putty in your mouth. No we have moved on to technology to that will take impressions on your teeth and you should be looking for for dentists and orthodontists that use this technique.

How Digital Impressions Work

Using a digital imaging wand we can now take exact images of your teeth and use those to build a mold and model of your mouth. It’s the same type of technology that builds 3D models of building or other structures. We will take images of each angle inside your mouth and then put them together to make one full image model. Using the iTero technology is actually the most accurate way to replicate the mouth.

Why Digital Impressions Are The Best

Think back to the last time you had to do a traditional putty impression. We know it is traumatic but these are the reasons we recommend you use a dentist with the iTero digital impression technology. There is simply a comfortability that comes with the process that is not attainable by the traditional putty system. You don’t have to sit for an extended period of time tasting gross putty, trying to breathe and not move. There will still be a little discomfort in that someone will still be putting a wand in your mouth but in comparison to dealing with a a full mouth mold of putty it will be much more pleasant.

Not only we were concerned with your comfort when we began to upgrade our technology to iTero but we were looking for something more accurate. When using the old method of molding with a full mouth piece there is more room for error. If you move a little too much when you are waiting the mold can be flawed. If the extraction from your mouth doesn’t go perfectly smoothly there can be differences. When we used to shove that thing into your mouth so hard it was so we could try and get the mold in every proper crack. There is a lot of wiggle room for human error in that process. Now with the digital impressions it takes an exact image of each angle of your teeth, creating the closest replicas we have seen yet.

Using the digital impressions is not only better for your comfort but better for our product to you. We want you satisfied and happy with your dental work, which is a hard thing to do. Using digital impressions is easy for accuracy and a much easier process to do more than once. Make sure your Long Island orthodontist is using digital impressions, for your own quality of care.