Your Options For Braces

These days, you may find that a dentist is recommending the use of braces for either your child or even your-self! But there’s one thing that everyone needs to understand once the professional recommendation for braces is made. This is not going to be an overnight, “quick fix” solution, but rather something that may take months or even years to benefit from the full effects of treatment.

Today’s dental patients have more than one choice for what kind of braces to wear, even though they all do the same thing. So what then, are the differences? And why would you want to choose one over the other? Let’s take a quick look at the options for braces to see which one is best.

Metal Braces

The traditional option is still available and is still a common choice. Metal braces continue to be applied to teeth all over America even in the 21st century, and there’s one very good reason for this; cost. Metal braces are still the cheapest option for people that want clear, dental benefits, but may be operating on a budget.

The reason metal braces are the cheapest choice are twofold. First, the technique is older, and well understood, so the costs of manufacturing and application are lower as a result. Second, metal braces are the most “low maintenance” of the braces options. Once they’re on, the stay on until the treatment period is over.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces operate identically to metal braces in almost every functional respect. Once they are applied, they stay on the teeth for the duration of the treatment period. There are, however, a few critical differences. Ceramic braces are a more expensive solution than metal braces.

The primary reason for this is because ceramic braces are color treated to appear white. The wire holding the braces in place can also be colored, which makes these braces look far less obvious and intrusive on the per-son’s mouth.
For parents or children concerned about appearance, this can be a big selling point.

Invisalign Braces

The final offering are clear, or transparent braces, known primarily by the company that offers this product, In-visalign. This is the most expensive of the three choices, but for very obvious reasons. The first is that these braces are transparent, making them even less noticeable than ceramic braces.

The other big differentiator is that Invisalign braces are removable, meaning that a person can take them out of his or her mouth for meals, or for brushing/flossing in the morning and evening. Another reason this is an ex-pensive option is because you don’t just get one set of braces, you get a new set every few weeks, each one slightly different from the previous set to help direct the realigning of teeth.

All of these options do the same thing; rearrange the configuration of teeth for something more straight and even. What you pay for is the convenience; the more convenient and less intrusive the braces are, the more they cost. But that, decision ultimately, is up to each family to make.

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